Monday, December 7, 2009

Poet in Residence @ Bistro Bistro in Cooroy

Geoffrey Datson is the Australian Poetry Centre 'cafe poet' in residence at Bistro Bistro in Cooroy for the next four months. Each week or so he will post a poem on the menu board, all of which will be included in his forthcoming memior "Then, and Then", about his move from Sydney to a farm in the hills behind Cooroy.

The memior will be launched in conjunction with the Sunshine Hinterland Writers' Centre and Bistro Bistro at the forthcoming Reality Bites Literary Non-fiction Festival (24 July - 1 August) in Cooroy in 2010

Here is the first one. You can hear the audio version of it here.

What Thou Art

Time line, 1977

Spring I guess

Sunrise.on Black Mountain Road

the air a-pulse with incandescent wildlife

Hello universe!


it’s a field of abandoned cars

Native tobacco, and ferns burst through rust


We’re all on the slow burn down here

So, to the floor of a fifty-seven De Soto:

discarded tools, feathers,

crushed beer cans, greasy rags

and a message from the out-lands,

as without, so within.

And I’m hearing Patti Smith and

I’ve been reading the symbolist poets and

I’m fairly pretentious

Another lonely boy

out on the weekend

But, it’s a big land

and given to dreaming

Through the windscreen

the morning clouds pile up

our heaped canopy of joy

And fearful

that my head will explode

from too much cumulonimbus

Out and spinning, spinning

Spin the world,


till racing backwards

retreat into our own eternal sunset

Hey Sheba, hey Salome, hey Venus

eclipse them my way

And a quarter of a century later

I dreamt of this same morning

crouching in the wet grass

hugging myself hysterical with connection

and voicing all time

in the wet grass


  1. Yes, he is rather good. He is currently working on a blogsite for the the project which will go live soon.

    You should check out the Australian Poetry Centre's Cafe poet project - find yourself a local cafe to go into partnership with and apply. The program has been very successful in getting people and poets in the same place, and therefore audience building.

  2. There was a cafe poet in Bundaberg (about an hour's drive from home). It's too far for me and Woodgate is too small - maybe Childers!