Saturday, December 5, 2009

Orca by Gabriell Bryden

Gabrielle Bryden's poem 'Orca' has recently been published in the online ezine Third Eye. You can read more from this Hervey Bay author at her blog.

‘Orca is one of those poems that pulls you in right from the start. The imagery is especially powerful. Not only that, but the rhythm is just right. Together, this is an irresistible combination. I understand your fascination with the juxtaposition of fear and awe. Power and beauty. Weakness and hope. Orca doesn’t come along every day. Please allow us to add this to the December edition of Third Eye. Our readers will be most excited!’


  1. Well imagine my surprise when I came across my poem here! Orca is travelling all over the place. The ezine mucked up the formatting - there is a space after the first line (and lots of other stuff but never mind) - it's surprising that a poetry ezine doesn't understand the the spaces around the text are important to a poet (it's happened before in a magazine). Thanks Annette for the posting and linking - you're a champion.

  2. Ah, you are most welcome. Let me know the formatting you'd prefer and I'll edit it. Feel free to send more.

  3. Do I just email it to the regional writers email address?